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I guess that’s taking dictation

            dealing with figures driving a car,
                        help to immediate memory.
thing like! I guess that’s
            taking dictation, and many others.
            He made an appoint
why I was always putter
                        ment at which he stated
ing with a tool-chest when I was a kid.

OCR cross-column confusions at
“Are You Miscast? — Science has discovered a way for keeping round pegs out of square occupational holes. There are tests to determine whether you are fit for your work or are competing in a field for which you have no ability.” by M. B. Levick. Everybody’s Magazine 53:6 (December 1925) : 115-119, 170
same (University of Michigan copy, at hathitrust)

M. B. Levick, more.

26 July 2022