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at this juncture

At this juncture, the concept of “deskilling” in and of itself — like that of bricolage, a perfectly good French word for puttering about and fixing things up that was recast and given intellectual weight by the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss and is now used ad nauseum by English-speaking art writers to connote casual, make-shift, or amateurish forms of creativity — exhausts its utility...

ex Al Taylor : early work (Steidl / Zwirner & Wirth, 2008) : 7
(probably from Robert Storr his essay “Insouciance: a way of making and making do”)

Al Taylor (1948-1999)
new to me, and relevant to this project.

see Thomas Micchelli, “The Contradictory Al Taylor” :
Al Taylor’s painting practice — an undertaking whose success was tied to its degree of artlessness — seemed to court, if not the “death of painting,” then a refutation of the traditional hierarchy that places painting at the top of the heap.”
at hyperallergic (March 4, 2017)

drawings at The Morgan
more at David Zwirner

3 August 2022