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comparing passages, yesterday and tomorrow

At seven o’clock in the evening, Professor Gribbon was still puttering at the table, comparing passages with the original text and arguing over his shoulder at Rudge who sat calmly smoking his pipe by the fireplace. I was getting impatient.

ex Pierrepont Noyes. The Pallid Giant : A Tale of Yesterday and Tomorrow (1927) : 191

Pierrepont Noyes (1870-1959)
son of John Humphrey Noyes (and Harriet Maria Worden), “stirpicult,” (progressive) business manager, writer.

from wikipedia
Noyes continued to write throughout his career, including a science fiction book titled The Pallid Giant : A Tale of Yesterday and Tomorrow. The Pallid Giant expressed Noyes’ concerns about war, weapons, and the destruction of humanity... [and] describes an ultimate super weapon that would “end all war by ending man.”

5 August 2022