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got drowned in the dishwater

Every morning mother wakes with a fine intention to keep her soul serene. Every night she realizes that most of the fineness got drowned in the dishwater. It seems to her that the days will never end, yet each is too short for the cooking, cleaning, mending, pottering, puttering that must be crowded into it. “Talk of using women!” cries mother. “I am used up. Don’t add the least little straw to my load. Don’t even give me the vote. It might mean more work.”

Rose Young, “Happy at Half-Past Forty,” in Good Housekeeping 59:? (November 1914) : 560-564 (562)
from ToC
Time was when a woman was “all through” with the things that make for active, constructive living, when she had reached forty-five. Read here how this age has become the starting-point of a new activity
Illustrated by Lejaren Hiller

Rose Emmet Young (1869-1941), writer, suffragist, editor, manager
“...born in Lexington, Missouri and spent her childhood there. Prior to her work in the suffrage movement and as a writer, she ran a lumber company.”

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