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two hours a day

When mind and body work harmoniously together, the greatest force is developed. That force, properly placed two hours a day in a business, will accomplish more than ten hours of “puttering” and “pottering” about.
      You cannot push a business you do not love.

ex Prentice Mulford, “How to Push Your Business,” in Your Forces, and how to Use Them. The White Cross Library, Vol. III. (New York: F. J. Needham, 1889) : 13
same (1902 printing, NYPL copy) at hathitrust

Prentice Mulford (1834-91), wikipedia
unsuccessful miner, itinerant humorist, writer, journalist, editor, (San Francisco) Argonaut, traveler, “New Thought” philosopher. Failed (New Jersey) hermit. “Eternal outsider” (Enoch Anderson). Canoe-ist.
His writing weaves experience and aperçus together.

His two memoir-istic books are :

Prentice Mulford, The Swamp Angel (The White Cross Library, F. J. Needham, Boston, 1888) : link (LC copy, via hathitrust) —
“I had long entertained the idea of building for myself a house in the woods, and there living alone... ¶ I found at last, in New Jersey, a piece of woods, a swamp, a spring near by, a rivulet and, above all, a noble, wide-branching oak...” (p3)

Prentice Mulford’s Story : Life by Land and Sea (The White Cross Library, F. J. Needham, 1889) : link (NYPL copy, via hathitrust)
(largely about his career to and in California.)

12 August 2022