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so much racket; why, and why

“Nobody can keep her from puttering around among the pots and pans. Don’t make so much racket...”
      “Why is she an old woman when she should be in her prime, and why is she always a ‘pottering around among the pots and pans?’”

(the answer — his drinking)
from Grace Boteler Sanders, Springfield, O. “The Coming of Mary Elizabeth,” in The New York Templar 30:1 (Delhi, New York, November 15, 1910) : 3-6 (4)

same (U Michigan copy, via hathitrust)

Rufus Boteler Sanders was born December 23, 1901. He was the son of Herbert H. Sanders (1867-1959) and Grace Boteler Sanders Allen (1874-1951). In 1910, Rufus B. Sanders is living with his parents in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. In the 1920 census, he is residing in Springfield with his mother, who is noted as widowed but in fact is divorced. His birthplace is noted as Ohio in both the 1910 and the 1920 census. He passed away in 1985.

20 August 2022