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puttering spirits, a 1½ pound wrench

                                    A few minutes of puttering
spirits all day. On the other hand

OCR cross column confusion at Coronet (1957) : 64 (snippet only)

but via archive.org is from
John Kord Lagemann, “The Secrets of Sleep,” in Coronet 43:1 (November 1957) : 59-64 (link)

A few minutes of puttering then may save you hours of sputtering later on.

in that same issue —
      Puttering around his suburban Los Angeles home, Carl Gorbach heard something crash through the roof of his backyard cabaña. Rushing to the spot, Carl found a neat hole in the roof and another in the window where a 1 ½ pound wrench had ricocheted out onto the grass. Looking upward, the startled Mr. Gorbach saw a blimp some 1,500 feet above. A forgetful member of the ground crew had left the tool on the balloon’s outrigging.

ex Frank L. Remington, “Out of the Blue : The sky is the limit when goofy gadgets come raining down from on high.”
p 158

Coronet issues from 1957, at/via archive.org

27 August 2022