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in some embodiments

Fig. 23, Density Map (minus x-y scales showing days, hours, &c.)

[0137]     ...The diagram 2300 is a density map of a person with an irregular lifestyle pattern showing a cognitive problem for one month...
[0141]     In some embodiments, the sensors detect movement of warm bodies and transmit an event about every 7 seconds when movement is still detected. This artifact is useful for capturing a general lifestyle pattern; for example, a sedentary pattern will result in a smaller number of sensor events over time compared to a more active “puttering” pattern.
[0142]     The bed sensor may be a transducer which detects presence in the bed, pulse and respiration rates, and bed restlessness. Pulse and respiration rates may be reported as low, normal, and high, based on thresholds, or pulse and respiration rates may be reported as numerical rates. In some embodiments, bed restlessness is reported based on the persistence of movement in the bed. All of the output of the bed sensor may contribute to the general pattern of the resident.

Integrated Sensor Network Methods and Systems
US20190167102A1 (filed January 18, 2019; granted October 19, 2021)
Marjorie Skubik, et al; Assignee University of Missouri System

29 August 2022