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at her easel, wandering

her knowledge and experience to
links; at her easel, puttering
with paints; Bureau
of Standards, that
manufacturers the babies
brought into her New Haven wandering
over Europe. And becoming

                                    — OCR cross-column confusion, of —

For seven years after Farmington Ethel Dunham was an unexceptional young woman. She frittered her time away on the tennis courts and the golf links; at her easel, puttering with paints; wandering over Europe. And becoming...

somewhere in “Heart’s International, Combined with Cosmopolitan (1941) : link

but —

the three-column source (snippet) : link

Ethel Collins Dunham (1883-1969)
“After several years of travel and leisure pursuits, she decided she wanted to study medicine and enrolled in a physics class at Hartford High School.”
see also Pride Month Collection Highlight: Ethel Collins Dunham and Martha May Eliot (Harvard Countway Library guide) : link (June 8, 2013)

an accident of search, for Viña Delmar her “Born Actress” (in this volume)

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