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said it felt like spring

Case 2.—When it seems desirable to write an editorial on a trite subject like Thanksgiving, or Spring, recourse may be taken to an imaginative style, in the hope of interesting readers. Such was the method used in the following editorial from the Morning Oregonian of Portland :

Said It Felt like Spring
      There were six sparrows on the little ledge above the window casing...
      So the six sparrows tried their hardest to sing, and probably thought they were singing as sweetly as any skylark, and kept on with their fluttering, puttering dance beneath the eaves. It was too much for the round terrier...
      But a man coming up the street, and not exactly hurrying, only sort of taking his time about going to wherever it was, met another man down the street, and walking at just about that gait. They were perfect strangers, but the first man said that it felt like spring, and the second man replied that one might very safely place a wager on that. And the terrier opened one round eye at them, and let it drop languidly again as if to affirm the observation.

Analysis.—Is the editorial interesting? How do you think the method of treatment could be improved?

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2 December 2022