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and dancing around / to the hard place

Puttering and dancing around his stall in a forlorn attempt to demonstrate a youth which had fled years and years ago !
      And working until the crack of doom ! There is the rub !
      Had society done any good for this man ? It had not.
      On the contrary it had lashed him to his work...

in “The Social Crime” The Shoe Workers’ Journal 16:4 (April 1915) : 6-8 (7) : link
link (hathitrust)

title incorporates a cross-column liberty (not OCR misread)

“The emblem of justice to the worker, success to the manufacturer, profit to the retailer, and peace to the community”
Boot & Shoe Workers Union / Union Stamp Factory
The Boot and Shoe Workers’ Union, Publishers, 246 Summer St., Boston, Mass.

He puttered some, but worked more
page 6 : link

2 December 2022