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Dusts chair, dusts books; farming or something

                                                                        Jim.       I tell you, Emma, after mother died, he went west and settled there, farming or something.
                                                            Emma.       Yes, that was twenty years ago. A nice father! You told me yourself he has written only a few times. Bah! What has he cared for the children? ( Dusts chair, right, angrily.)
                                                Jim.       Guess we were to blame, too. Neither Kate nor I bothered to write to him.
                                    Emma.       Oh, you can say what you like. He forgot all about you, but now when he’s old and no one else wants him, he thinks of us.
                        Jim.       Well, I want him. Kate will do her share. She’ll help pay you board for him.
            Emma.       Yes, but it would be up to me to have him puttering about the house, sick or well. He’s seventy now and won’t be getting any younger; don’t forget that. Not for me! I’m doing enough. (Dusts books on table, up stage.)

ex Lillian Mortimer, Ruling the Roost : a Comedy-drama in Three Acts (1926) : 12 : link
same, via hathitrust : link

Lillian Mortimer ( -1946)
her online books page : link

Felicia Hardison Londré, “Lillian Mortimer,” at American Women Writers : A critical reference guide from colonial times to the present; vol 3 (of 4), (1979) : 226-228 : link (archive.org, borrowable)
doesn’t dig into her life; mentions a photograph of Mortimer (presumably accompanying an interview) in the New York Dramatic Mirror (12 May 1915), but have been unable to find online.

But see the portrait frontispiece at Lillian Mortimer, No Mother to Guide Her : “A novel founded upon the play of the same title”
copyright 1906, I. & M. Ottenheimer; (Royal Publishing Co. Philadelphia; 1906?) : link
same, via hathitrust : link

No Mother to Guide Her... a title shared by —

  1. Mrs. E. Burke Collins (1858-1902, *), No mother to guide her; or, A fatal step (1902) : link;
  2. Anita Loos (1894-1981), her No mother to guide her (1961) : link; and
  3. a (“now lost”) film in 1923 : wikipedia : link

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