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mysterious minor pursuits

      Marian had never been more docile, more malleable than these last days, Sylvia reflected. When she was not driving, she was busy in the Other House, puttering at many of the mysterious minor pursuits which engage all girlhood, but mainly, Sylvia suspected, working at her amateur dressmaking. A strange and complete absorption filled the girl. Her eyes still spawned dreams, her lips smiles.

ex Inez Haynes Irwin, “Marian Stands in the Wings” (in the series “New Stories of Phoebe and Ernest and Their Children”), illustrations by R. F. Schabelitz.
Hearst’s International 45:2 (February 1924) : 52-58, 143, 146, (56) : link
same (via hathitrust) : link

Inez Haynes Irwin (1873-1970), “feminist author, journalist, member of the National Women’s Party, and president of the Authors Guild.”
wikipedia : link

R. F. Schabelitz (1884-1959), “illustrated Inez Haynes Gillmore’s ‘Phoebe and Ernest’ books in 1912.”
wikipedia : link

4 January 2023