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pasteboard and painted

In this holy-of-holies stands the toy “opera house,” over whose absurdly yellow floor and flaring, many-tinted proscenium he goes into silent raptures. The mimic figures cut from pasteboard and painted by unsteady, puttering fingers, lie in piles in black boxes. The tiny sets of scenery,—the streets and mansions, waterfalls and verdant trees, all repose quietly in their racks, awaiting the skillful hand of him who is at once author, speaker and scene-shifter, to set them up and afford the indulgent audience their pin’s worth of enjoyment.

ex “Vistas” by “C. P. K.” in The Yale Literary Magazine 61:4 (January 1896) : 163-165 (164) : link
same (Michigan copy, via hathitrust) : link

“C. P. K.” — Cornelius Porter Kitchel — another piece by him “At Liberty” (pp 138-140 in same number) : link
(1875-1947) : wikipedia : link
Attorney, mayor of Englewood N.J. (1929-35), attorney-in-chief of the Legal Aid Society in New York. obituary: The New York Times (January 15, 1947) : link (paywall)

4 January 2023