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all the shirts returned; a few readymades

...delivery man tells me all the shirts returned in that package were of the ready-to-wear type.”
      “True,” I said, “I have a few readymades that I wear when a [sic] I’m puttering around the house cleaning out the cistern and things like that. But for dresswear, Mr. Economos, and perhaps you realize that I am by profession in the...

ex Bernard Wolfe, Move Up, Dress Up, Drink Up, Burn Up (1968) : 111 : link

Bernard Wolfe (2015-1985)... interesting life...
wikipedia : link

Papers at Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, YCAL MSS 831 : link

I read his Logan’s Gone (1974) — on what prompt I don’t recall, a review? — when it appeared, and at the right moment for me, and not necessarily for any virtue of the novel. I was grabbing at straws, found in it a push to “make a move” — back to school, to Berkeley.
See now, that it opens in or around the desert. Joshua Tree.
borrowable at archive.org : link

screengrab, archive.org scan, Bacone College Library (Muskogee, Oklahoma) copy...
Bacone College, formerly Indian University (1880-1910) and Bacone Indian University (1910) —
wikipedia : link
college : link

5 January 2023