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a good listener though

As Sadakichi Hartmann recalled, “Ryder was a pleasant man to talk to. Although somewhat inaccessible and aloof from chatter and social diversions, always puttering about, absent-mindedly half of the time, a good listener though...”

ex William Innes Homer and Lloyd Goodrich, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Painter of Dreams (1989) : 80 : link (from snippet only)

cannot locate the source (being without the book; perhaps in The American Magazine of Art, 1938), but Hartmann (1867-1944) did meet A. P Ryder, and wrote about it in Art News 1:1 (March 1897) : 1-2
that text — slightly revised — can be found in his A History of American Art vol. 1 (1902) : 308-321 : link (hathitrust)

23 January 2023