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“Just that.”

      “What are you doing, standing there, gazing into space?” Rosemary asked.
      “Just that.”
      “Poor old Mrs. Titchfield. Never mind — she had a good, long life. Seems funny though, doesn’t it, not to see her puttering about in that strip of garden? It must have been the best-weeded plot in the county. Have you done your shopping?”

ex Rosamunde Pilcher, “The Watershed,” in Flowers in the Rain, and Other Stories (1991) : 197-215 (199) : link
first published as “The Anniversary Surprise,” in Redbook (February 1990)

Rosamunde Pilcher (1924-2019)
wikipedia : link

  1. “Rosamunde Pilcher, author of The Shell Seekers, dies aged 94.
    The British author, who produced numerous bestsellers after her 1987 breakthrough, died following a stroke.”
    Alison Flood. The Guardian (7 February 2019) : link
  2. “Rosamunde Pilcher obituary
    Popular and prolific novelist best known for The Shell Seekers and Coming Home whose work was particularly admired in Germany”
    caption :
    “...The second world war, and the many young people she had met in her travels, provided limitless subject matter.”
    Felicity Bryan. The Guardian. (7 February 2019) : link

aside (why? how?) —
because an Amazon reviewer (FiddleBaby, August 3, 2010 : link) of Kathleen Norris her The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne (1912) was reminded of Rosamund Pilcher’s writing style.

23 January 2023