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a baker’s dozen blue, sort of, to see

warming sunlight on the damp, heaving
            raft, to putter in
a world of good, if you can only be happy here,
            puttering about with us

here and there,
            but that’s puttering
the beginning of things
            if I had;
            don’t you suppose I’d be doing something instead of
            puttering away with just the

Fire Extinguisher (Strickland Patent,
            over which the doctor had been puttering for years),
            sale of

            puttering about the
cooking, cleaning, and packing, delightful afternoon of
            (loved puttering)
varied activities
            (of yard and garden, snipping marguerites, watering the flowers),
            puttering among
blue, sort of,
            to see him puttering around

As you can see !
            shabby books outside the book-shop
            unrelieved blackness, turning the pages
            “I was puttering about in the back of the store, putting it in order, really”

the old days when he used to be rich and important, very happy,
            puttering about with Audrey

life, a great deal about,
            indifferent acceptance of (including J’s incessant puttering)
a damp rag,
            she puttered about with

twilight, perverse fantasy for,
            puttering about with straining eyes and inaccurate fingers
despair, driven to
            by Lizzie’s puttering about
            But she was so dreary
a careful message
            clumsily puttering about in his desire

world, any other thing in,
            preference for puttering about this old place, to

            putterin’ about, and feelin’ that you were a free man
day, delightful,
            his busy puttering

            (hearing rain pattering on the porch roof, wood crackling in the stove)
            puttering about
changing things, puttering around —
            how would you like it?

old place (ramshackle),
            to putter and garden and read books
            This is me.

            puttering ineffectually about, pulling the wrong dampers,
            extinguishing what fire there was
            puttering away at.
            She laughed.


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    UC copy opens to show full family tree (minus that most important person, “the derelict young coloured woman named Carra”) : link
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will provide (some) more, on Kathleen Norris and for each (some?) of these, in due course.

28 January 2023