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when the rain came

They had hardly sat down to table, when the rain came puttering down on the roof, and in a quarter of an hour the storm was as violent, and the thunder and lightning as terrific as on the day before. All the out-door labour was again suspended...

ex Robinson Ready Or the Wreck of the Pacific : Written for young people by Captain Marryat. Für die deutsche Jugend mit belehrenden Noten und einem Wörteruche versehen [provided with instructional notes and dictionary for German youth]. (Leipzig, Baumgärtner’s Buchhandlung, 1844) : 138 : link

“puttering” for “pattering” in Masterman Ready; or, The Wreck of the Pacific. Written for Young People. By Captain Marryat. vol. 2 (of 3), (London, 1842) : 16 : link (hathitrust)

This 1842 edition contains wood engravings, some marked “DICKES.DEL” (William Dickes, 1850-92), see BM bio : link and (or) “R BRANSTON.SP” (Robert Branston, 1803?-77), BM : link

catalogue record for this edition (Michigan copy) : link

Frederick Marryat (1792-1848) — wikipedia — authored :

  1. a signal code, several editions, the third in 1820 : A Code of signals for the use of Vessels employed in the merchant service; Including a cypher for secret correspondence : link (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek);
  2. nautical and children’s fiction; and even (uncertainly)
  3. The Floral Telegraph; or Affection’s Signals, By the Late Captain Marryatt [sic], R.N. (London, 1850?) : link

But I digress.

2 February 2023