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put tering eye, blue cap and pale; the ball as it fell

                                                                              it was seen the blue cap and pale
                                                                  And catching the ball as it fell,
                                                      the countenance of Paco, who, with glit
                                          Navarrese, whom victory had put
                              tering eye and face livid from fury,
                  into extravagant spirits, began toss
was taking a ...

                                                                              OCR cross-column confusions, at
“The Student of Salamanca” (Part 1), in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 58 (November 1845) : 521-540 (525) : link
same (Princeton) copy at hathitrust : link

Frederick Hardman, The Student of Salamanca (William Blackwood and Sons, 1847) : 10-11 : link

Story is set in Spain during the first Carlist wars 1833-40...
wikipedia : link (controvery quite alive : see “talk” : link
see Francisco Javier Caspistegui, “Between repulsion and attraction: Carlism seen through foreign eyes,” Rev. int. estud. vascos. Cuad., 2, 2008, 119-143 : link (pdf)
(in section 2. “Impertinent inquirers and interested observers”

Frederick Hardman (1814-1874), journalist and novelist, tends to be where the action is.
wikipedia : link

3 February 2023