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puttern sleeve

puttering all around the house
neat as a pin everybody ought to have ¹
puttering on rainy weekends, autumn
days could drop off tomorrow ²
birds that dance around
puttering over waves keep rolling on ³
repeating patterns but like any other flame,
puttering out, ⁴ utterly
clutter ⁵ humming
something up his sleeve ⁶


  1. ex Stephen Sondheim, Everybody Ought to Have a Maid, from Richard Lester, dir., “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” (1966)
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  2. ex Dar Williams, Southern California Wants to Be Western New York, from her album “Mortal City” (1996)
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  3. ex something lost and forgotten, by Alexa Borden
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  4. Skyler Weaver What Did I Miss?
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  6. ex Lisbeth Scott, Smokehouse, from her album “Dove” (2002)
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    not included above —

  7. Putt, Putt Puttering Girl, a “party” recording by Val Joyce / Vincent Catanese Orchestra (ca 1940s)
    re: party records, see Dr. Demento : link (19 February 2012), and something brief at wikipedia

14 February 2023