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You expect pay for this ?

      “You expect pay for this puttering around?”
      “No,” replied Adam, shortly.
      “How’s that?”
      “Well, when men are used to the desert, as I am, they lend a hand where it is needed. That’s not often.”
      “But I didn’t want any such work done round my camp.”
      “I know, and I excuse you because you’re ignorant of desert ways and needs.”
      “The question of excuse for me is offensive.”

— and, nigh 200 pages (and three years) later —

      Next morning, when Adam returned from a look around, he discovered Genie up, puttering at the camp fire. She greeted him with undue cheerfulness. She was making a heroic effort to show that this situation was perfectly natural. She did pretty well, but Adam’s keen eyes and sense gathered that Genie felt herself on the verge of great and tremendous events...

ex Zane Grey. Wanderer of the Wasteland, “Illustrated with scenes from the Technicolor Photoplay, A Paramount Picture” (1923) : 189 : link
384 : link
both University of California copy, via hathitrust

quite a lot of (appealing, to this reader) desert philosophizing in this novel.

(Pearl) Zane Grey (1872-1939), wikipedia

21 February 2023