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light work these evils, she never learns to play

                                    Yet all does is
                              mostly puttering, light
                        work these evils
                  have been and can be
            cured which gives no exercise to the heavy or greatly mitigated
      by a rational muscles. She has few
suitable outdoor course of physical training.

OCR cross-column confusion, at
John M. Tyler (Professor of Biology, Amherst College), “Physical Training for Girls of High School Age. The Biological Point of View.” Hygiene and Physical Education 1:3 (May 1909) : 295-298 (297) : link (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign copy)
UC copy via hathitrust : link

      The average high school girl lives too much indoors. What housework she does is mostly puttering, light work which gives no exercise to the heavy muscles. She has few suitable outdoor games, and of the group games, which are so great a blessing to the boy, she knows almost nothing. Often she never learns to play. Frequently mother and aunt are continually discouraging tomboy behaviour, and insisting upon dignity, refinement and ladylikeness. Hence her development is quite different from that of the boy of the same age. The periods of rapid increase in girty and long capacity which occur so regularly in the boy at fourteen and sixteen, do not appear in her case or are very irregular. There is no marked decrease in the amount of morbidity or disorder, which remains steadily high from twelve or thirteen to eighteen or even later. Thus the disorders become deep seated and difficult of eradication.

John Mason Tyler (1851-1929)
New York Times obituary (April 14, 1929) : link (paywall)
Tyler was a trustee at Smith College

John Mason Tyler (AC 1873) Papers, at Amherst College : link

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