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puttering light, mythologized, snatcht

                                          The fnake - hair’d Furies held the ( puttering light From funeral ( natcht , and made the bed that Night Th ’ ill - boding Owl upon the roof was set . Progne and Terem with these omens met ; 435 Thus Parents grew .

OCR misread of long S at Sixth Book, line 431 in
Ovid’s Metamorphosis Englished, by Geo. Sandys. The Seventh Edition (London, 1678) : 116 : link (BL copy)

                                          This no Juno blest,
Nor Hymen, nor the Graces grac’d that feast.
The snake-hair’d Furies held the sputtering light
from funeral snatcht, and made the bed that Night.
Th’ ill-boding Owl upon the roof was set.
Progne and Tereus with these omens met;
Thus parents grew.

same passage,
Ovid’s Metamorphosis : Englished, mythologiz’d, and represented in figures. An essay to the translation of Virgil’s Aeneis. / By G.S. (Oxford, 1632) : link (University of California copy, via hathitrust)

George Sandys (1578-1644), “traveler, colonist, poet, translator... Colonial Treasurer of the Virginia Company”

4 March 2023