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take paint for example

      Don’t be a clerk and sell goods to two-legged forms that come into the store. Be a salesman and sell ideas to thinking individuals...
      ...Still others are of an artistic nature. Point out to them the possibilities for harmonious and artistic effects through the use of the goods you are showing.
      Every person has some certain thoughts about any subject that are uppermost in his mind, and if you present ideas that coincide with these thoughts you immediately get his especial interest.
Take Paint for Example
      Know how to use the goods you are selling. For the benefit of newer salesmen just starting in the busines — you couldn’t be an expert finisher in a day, a week or a month if you wanted to. But you can learn a little more about the use of paints and varnishes every day, by devoting a little time each day to study, and by “puttering around” with various finishing materials at home.
      Try to know the fundamental purpose for which any line of goods is particularly designed.

ex “Business Getting Suggestions — Clerk or Salesman” — in Hardware World 16:4 (April 1921) : 129 : link (NYPL copy via hathitrust)

27 April 2023