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while the land at the puttering all

scan of protective tissue (NW, inv), frontispiece illustration,
Chapel in the Great Temple, Macao
The Christian Diadem, and Family Keepsake. A gift book for all seasons. In two parts [this, Part II], edited by Z. Paten Hatch (New York, 1853) : link
same (Minnesota copy, at Hathitrust) : link

epigram is OCR misread, at
Rev. John Dowling, “Heart, Home, Happiness, Hope, and Heaven. A Family Sketch.” The Christian Diadem and Family Keepsake 4:6 (New York, December 1852) : at 175 : link
clear (legible) view : link

Zephaniah Paten (1818-1874)
John Dowling (1807-78), wikipedia : link

27 April 2023