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of sound mind, did not answer.

                                                                  ...for what he sought to learn was whether Nancy Hempstead knew of his presence.
      Sophronia, absorbed in puttering, did not answer. He asked the question again.
      “She has already told,” replied Sophronia, slowly, bringing her attention to the subject with some difficulty.

ex Chapter 12, “Sophronia” in The Age of Independence, 1763-1783 (1912) : 214 : link
same (NYPL copy) via hathitrust : link
being volume 9 of
Edwin Markham, ed., The Real America in romance : an authentic history of America from the discovery to the present day profusely illustrated with portraits of historical characters and views of the sacred and memorable places of our native land (1909-27)
15 vols (at LC), first 11 via hathitrust : link

Edwin Markham (1852-1940), poet, educator, literary editor, &c., &c.
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fem. proper name, from Greek sōphrōnia, from sōphrōn (genitive sōphrōnos) “discreet, prudent, sensible, having control over sensual desires, moderate, chaste,” etymologically “of sound mind,” from sōs “safe, sound, whole,” which is of unknown origin, + phrēn “heart, mind”
ex Online Etymology Dictionary : link

18 May 2023