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not worth uttering

ex Flynn Wayne, “Tickleweed and Feathers” page,
Joe Chapple’s News-Letter (March 31, 1912) : 6 : link (Harvard copy)

The hathitrust catalog entry lists title as Joe Chapple’s news-letter, “succeeding The Boston news-letter; Sunday magazine section of the Sunday Herald,” and shows only holdings of Harvard (January-August 1912) : link


  1. Joe (Mitchell) Chapple (1867-1950), writer, newspaper man, gatherer of stories, lecturer

  2. New York Times obituary (April 19, 1950) : link (paywall)
    from which this —
    “In 1897 he took charge of the Bostonian and later changed the name to The National Magazine remaining as editor and publisher for forty years.”
    the obituary names some of his lectures, his radio series “Peronalities I have Met” (1946), and a series of “Heart Throb” motion pictures.
  3. The National Magazine at hathitrust —
    Harvard copies : link
    and elsewhere : link
  4. “Tickleweed and Feathers” ran regularly in The National Magazine; plenty of casual racism on view, e.g., : link (October 1926)
  5. Joe Mitchell Chapple online books page : link
  6. Flynn Wayne remains obscure.

18 May 2023