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some papers on his blotting pad

      “Oh, yes,” he replied, not too enthusiastically, “but of course I’m writing under difficulties. I’m sure you understand that.”
      “Yes.” He threw his hat and cane on the couch, and as she picked them up and carried them to the closet, went on: “I mean, trying to write with someone else always puttering around the room.”
      “I take the utmost pains to be quiet when you’re working.”
      “Oh, I know,” he replied quickly. “I don’t mean to blame you. It’s just a condition. But I [112] was thinking how much more I could get done if my surroundings were favourable — if I had a study to myself.”
      A few days after this, when he came in from an afternoon walk, he found Hilda sitting in a chair by the window, sewing.
      “I typed those verses for you,” she said, indicating some papers on his blotting pad.

— Julian Street, “The Bride of Boreas” in Cross-Sections (1923) : 111 : link
same (Princeton) copy, via hathitrust : link

on an insufferable, egotistical, poet.
Boreas — Greek god of the cold north wind, storms and winter.
wikipedia : link

short review of entire volume (and also, May Sinclair her Uncanny Stories) in “New Books from the Atlantic Coast,” by E. M. Greeves Carpenter, in California Southland 6:51 (March 1924) : 24 : link
“...Then comes the pathetic story of the inevitable marital fiasco between the minor poet, a victim of his own genius, and his adoring, practical, but quite unimaginative wife.”

in same volume — 6:49, January 1924) : 26-27 — a two-page feature “Eagle Rock, Made Beautiful by Man’s Design” ( link )

Julian Leonard Street (1870-1947), author, journalist, enologist, gastronome
wikipedia : link

author of Mysterious Japan (1921) : link

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