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the passage of time, saving everything; all junk is valuable. but.

“Men are beasts,” and all the kids ended up being affected by that. His dad Morris was a beautiful guy; he loved gardening, and he was a true maestro of the earth. He had a great little philosophical essay about puttering: “The primary object of puttering is the passage of time with calmness and tranquility... One of the cardinal virtues of correct and inefficient puttering is saving everything; all junk is valuable puttering material... A true putterer never accepts pay for his stuff, advice or time; the satisfaction is in producing the needed things and fixing the fixable things, doing something for his fellow man” (Ballad of an American, page 8). But...

on his grandfather Morris, in Perry Robinson : The Traveler (autobiography of jazz clarinetist Perry Robinson, with Florence Wetzell, 2002) : link

Perry Robinson (1938-2018)
wikipedia : link

the quote is from his father’s Ballad of an American : The Autobiography of Earl Robinson (2001) : link
Earl Robinson (1910-91), wikipedia : link

Which brings me to the LoC entry for the Federal Theatre Project collection, 1932-1943
and its 308-page finding aid linked therein; and
the Living Newspaper project, that was the subject of Patricia Ronayne McVey’s thesis (USC, 1953)
asfaltics archive : 1415 and 1416

22 July 2023