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could not speak as good as I had at times before

Aug. 15, 1897. Kawaihapai
Felt a little dull; went to to meeting with the same spirit. Could not speak as good as I had times before [page 13] After a short nap I read a little in Hawaiian. Then we got to puttering with our beards and mine ws cut off. I left however my sideburns.

ex Edwin W. Fifield, Sandwich Islands 1897-1898 diaries
L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University
MSS SC 1549 Vol. 2 : link
pdf page 195

one of “Four handwritten notebooks. Three contain Fifield’s diaries of the Hawaiian mission and the fourth is an account of his subsequent teaching career.”

Edwin W. Fifield (1874-1940), bio : link

5 August 2023