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In no time at all, I think, I will know something about everything.

August 2001
I write abstracts for three months in Aubervilliers...
I write abstracts while puttering down the Canal du Midi.
I write abstracts at a beach house near the mouth of the Loire while my companions loaf pre-prandially about the yard, eyeing me warily...
      While writing fifty abstracts in a day on my laptop in Aubervilliers, my right hand goes numb.

ex Molly McCloskey, “On getting paid to read the TLS” in The Dublin Review 8 (Autumn 2002) : 82-98 (93)
borrowable at archive.org : link

epigram from page 83

Molly McCloskey (1964-)
wikipedia : link
author’s website : link

5 August 2023