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      “The ‘yellow-jack’ in Havana manifested itself in the individual as a dangerous fever. It was due to physical environment, socially changeable. Centuries of medication of the individual victims did not and could not kill it. That work was only puttering with the symptoms. But correct civic thinking resulted in sanitary engineering that changed the physical enviroment, and lo, the ‘yellow-jack’ [19] was dead. Really a social disease, it was killed by right civic action. There are many such individual manifestations of social disease curable by removing the cause through social action.”

ex Woman’s Way to Health Through the Vimedia System of Treatment; Also for Men and for Children.
Edited by James C. Fuller (1867-?), Ph.C.; Victor H. Laederich; Eugenia J. Reinhardt, M.D.; J. Lloyd Alexander, M.D.; Pauline A. Thompson, M.D.
The Vimedia Company, Inc. (Kansas City, MO.; Windsor, Ont., Can.; 1911; 1914) : 18
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One of the “Female weakness cures” discussed in

  1. Nostrums and Quackery — “Articles on the nostrum evil, quarkery and allied matters affecting the public health; reprinted, with or without modifications, from The Journal of the American Medical Association” — Prepared, compiled or edited by Arthur J. Cramp (Chicago, 1921) : 165-166 : link

    related to Viavi, discussed (at length) in

  2. Nostrums and Quackery — “Articles on the nostrum evil and quackery reprinted, with additions and modifications, from The Journal of the American Medical Association” (Second edition; Chicago, 1912) : 238-251 : link

    A certain libertarian, anti-wealth (and contemporarily resonant) tone appears shortly after the above-quoted extract from the introduction of this volume —

  3. “What has been the result? Largely that the owners of land made valuable by the increase of inventions and the growth of population get the net gain. The wonderful disoveries and inventions of our century have neither increased wages up to the increased cost of living, nor lightened toil. The effecct has largely been to make the few richer; the many more dependent...”
    p 19

    The full weight of the propaganda department of the American Medical Association is brought to bear against these nostrums.

    For court proceedings over trademark and other issues between The Viavi Company and the Vimedia Company, see the voluminous appeals documentation ca 1916 at

  4. Records and Briefs, United States Circuit Court of Appeals... link

    See also the recast, retitled and more philosophical fourth revision —

  5. The Way to Health (1930) : link

    including its handwritten note of transmittal that reads in full :

    To the Library of the
    University of Michigan, with the
    compliments of one of the editors, who
    might have been saved a handicap of
    depleted vitality during her four years
    university course, had the explanations of
    the functions of the body as set forth in
    this book been available to her then.
          Sally Brown Fuller,
    Former Chairman of the Kansas City Division
    in the campaign for the Woman’s League Building.
    October 18 [?], 1930
    Kansas City.

    Sally Brown Fuller, Caro, Michigan; U Michigan class of ’90
    source (1897) : link

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