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on up we wound; by noon I had completed a circle

They would get up just above the grass, and flutter and drop — a puttering, short-winded, apopletic struggle, very unbecoming and unworthy.
      By noon I had completed a circle... ₁

pruning shears and wheelbarrow and my puttering about the place in Hingham. On up we wound, under walls and over bridges, out into mountain meadows and across the flats where squat cedars and piñon pines stood black against the ... ₂

respectively, ex Dallas Lore Sharp,

  1. Roof and Meadow (1904) : 59
    link (via hathitrust)

  2. The Better Country (1928) : 128 (preview snippet only)

Dallas Lore Sharp (1870-1929)
wikipedia : link

14 August 2023