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Yet he never saw the day he worked harder than did I. While most of my neighbors and church members were in bed asleep, I was up and at work, had my washing over and done up, sweeping and all, when they were getting out of bed. No one could say my house was not clean; if I did not spend all my time puttering around, as many do. So many women are a disgrace to the old-time mothers of Israel. Read your bible and see, my woman friend, where you are.

ex The Long-lost Rachel Wild; Or, Seeking Diamonds in the Rough, By Rachel Wild Peterson, her experiences in the slums of Denver (1905) : 181
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Some anonymous letters I have known.
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“Rachel Peterson (1860?) was a gospel worker in Denver. Working independently and with holiness missions, she conducted street meetings and visited jails and hospitals. She ministered to alcoholics and prostitutes, often taking them into her home.”
note 34 (at p115), to this passage :
      The empowerment of the Holy Spirit not only enabled women to overcome the fear of men but rearranged women’s priorities. Rachel Peterson advised: “The Lord tells us not to be man-pleasers, but to fear God.” The Christian woman’s first duty was to God not to men. Women asserted their autonomy as they claimed their allegiance to God rather than to men.

in Susie Stanley, “Empowered Foremothers : Wesleyan/Holiness Women Speak to Today’s Christian Feminists,” in Wesleyan Theological Journal 24 (1989) : 103-116 : link   (pdf)

15 August 2023