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puttering we booke beneath the scars avows all

puttering we booke pamaya ' ang panyà queukens
1A Mong clamut Jed " ontent road to photibt avows all ethaibel of soa atwow alm
nd took as metal best hayabab qother zoloɔ wollow
di na to dubny c favab bie måte bitch south and encautive ...

OCR confusion at back of typewritten page 9,
Lyle Wendell Redverse Jackson (1900-1972), A Study of the Heart-Rot of Aspen (Populus Tremuloides Michx.) in Minnesota (M.S. thesis, University of Minnesota, 1927)
U Minnesota copy/scan, via google : link

puttering likely construal of “the wood beneath the scars”
encautive, ditto for “may gain entrance through these wounds.”

Lyle Wendell Redverse Jackson (1900-1972)
would go on to become professor of silviculture at The George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, University of Georgia;
his (UPenn) PhD dissertation was The effect of hydrogen-ion and aluminum-ion concentration on damping-off of coniferous seedlings in artificial cultures.
source : Callie Hull and Clarence J. West, Doctorates Conferred in the Sciences by American Universities (1931-1932), Reprint and Circular Series of the National Research Council 104 (1932) : link

21 September 2023