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He carried heaps of orange skin away from his friends’ dinner tables, for he liked to nibble on it at odd times; and he loved to mumble and make funny ] puttering sounds with his lips — “too-too-too-too-too-too!” He drank, we might almost say, oceans of tea; and fed and looked after many odd old friends, for he was a great and funny and lovable character.
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from a paragraph about Dr. Johnson, in lesson “To Comprehend Main Thoughts,” in
Reba G. Mack, ‎William Anderson McCall and John Conrad Almack, Roads to Reading (1937) : 5
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Illustrations — some of them quite wonderful — by Richard Dodge; many of the readings regard the “Indians,” pioneers, &c., &c., in the conventional prejudices of the time.

brief notice in The English Journal 27:3 (March 1938) : 285 : link

A book for slow readers in the eighth, ninth, and tenth grades. There are just six basic reading skills to be mastered, say the writers : skimming; getting word meanings; following directions; understanding stated facts; following the main thought; comprehending implied facts. A reading selection — one for each of the forty-four lessons — may require any one or all of these skills but is likely to emphasize particularly the need of some of them. Excellent questions follow the lessons.

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